Devin Townsend Presents The Retinal Circus

A spectacle that was sold out a year ago - except you can watch it live online! The wonder man of music, Devin Townsend, has always excelle ... Read more



    Written: 27/10/2012

    Dear Devin fans, we were just informed that the showtime has changed from 7pm (BST) to 7.45pm! We apologize for the inconvenience! But hey, perhaps we could use the extra time to dress up for the occasion! How many homemade Ziltoids can we gather in front of the screens tonight?!

  • Test your connection and browser

    Written: 27/10/2012

    Yay! It's soon time for Retinal Circus! We will have four qualities available for you tonight, namely: HD, high SD, medium SD and low quality. If you're going to watch the stream, please test the demo page ( to see which browser works smoothest on your computer. With some browsers, HD plays even better than High!

  • Live Stream of the Retinal Circus!

    Written: 10/10/2012

    Watch Devin Townsend’s sold out Retinal Circus extravaganza live at LiveMusicStage. On October 27th, the renowned multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and now ringleader, Devin Townsend is gearing up for his biggest accomplishment to date: The Retinal Circus.

    Set to take place a historic London venue, the Roundhouse, this one-night only event has been sold out for almost a year. So Devin has partnered with LiveMusicStage to allow fans across the globe to stream the event live! Click here to buy a ticket.


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  • Devin Townsend Presents The Retinal Circus

    Oct 27th, 2012 - 18:45

    A spectacle that was sold out a year ago - except you can watch it live online!

    The wonder man of music, Devin Townsend, has always excelled in big and bold, but this time he has announced “the most definitive Devin show to date.” This over three hour spectacle at the Roundhouse in London is a retrospective of Townsend's entire career and it includes a full choir and theatrical cast, circus and carnival performances, several guests along with visual and enhancements unlike any show he's done so far. The man himself explains:

    ”The Retinal Circus is a retrospective of my career in music to date, with the central theme being a metaphor of how life and the adventures therein are a 'circus' of sorts. This is the first opportunity I have been given to make theatrical representations of my music.”

    ”The show involves a cast of characters and guests that support this theme through carnival type performances. A story about how a troubled young man dreams of fantastic scenarios, (illustrated through the music of my back catalog), which ultimately crests in the characters realization that life is all about the relationships we have with each other.”

    ”My career has been full of amazing musicians, and a few of them will be present at this show in one form or another, and I'll be playing music that has never been attempted due to the size of the songs and the need for certain things.”

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