Swallow The Sun

Sep 26th, 2013 - 19:00 your time
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This Fall marks the 10th anniversary of Swallow The Sun's debut album The Morning Never Came. These Finnish missionaries of melancholic doom, death and despair are celebrating the milestone while touring across Europe: the whole album can be heard in all of its gloomy glory in nearly 20 cities from Oulu to Milan. Some of the songs will be performed live for the very first time with the addition of the band's more recent material.

When released The Morning Never Came stunned the critics and made even the sturdiest metal studs weep: the album was quoted as “One of doom metal's finest moments to date” (Kerrang). Not much, if nothing, has the decade decayed.

The stream is produced by Klubi and streamed live by LiveMusicStage.

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