Here's How It Works!

To ensure the smoothest online concert experience possible, please take a moment to read these brief guidelines. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all live streams work with all mobile devices. Most streams can be watched with the newest iPads, but since the event organizers are in charge of their own productions, the quality of the stream along with the encoding and the settings may vary and thus not cover all versions of all mobile devices. Therefore we recommend using a desk or a laptop. Here's a little video to show what we're all about – Stream on!

Before The Concert

1. Before buying a ticket, test your computer's compatibility with this demo stream. The earlier you are able to test your computer's and connection's compatibility for the stream, the more time we have to assist you in case problems occur.

- If he demo video is running smoothly and you hear the sound, you're ready to rock and buy a ticket!
- If the demo page does not work correctly, first clear your browser's cache and cookies and try the demo again. If this doesn't help, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

2. When buying a ticket, please note that we don't send tickets separately: Before the gig starts you only need to log in with the same email address / Facebook account you used when buying the ticket. All the tickets successfully purchased should be available under your user account's "My tickets" section in the upper right corner of the page. When you see the event information on the ”My Tickets” section, just click the ”Watch” button and enjoy the ride! An email to confirm a successful purchase will be sent shortly after the payment has been processed.

- In case you cannot find your ticket, try logging in once more with your email. Usually when a ticket appears to be missing it was purchased with a different user login. Logging in with Facebook automatically creates a new account even if you have registered with your email already.
- If you have recently purchased tickets with PayPal, the tickets may take up to 15 minutes to appear.
- If you still cannot access your ticket, please contact support (at) livemusicstage.com.

During The Concert

1. We strongly suggest that you A) do not use a WLAN connection but an ethernet cable connection instead, B) don't run multiple applications on the side and C) connect your laptop to a power source.

2. If the stream doesn't download please try restarting your browser. Make sure your both your browser and flash player are up to date. Some browsers work sometimes better than others so you might want to try Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to see which works the best for you.

3. If the stream is cloggy, please try the different stream quality options offered, clear your browser's cache and cookies and reload the player page. If this doesn't help, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

After The Concert

1. If you had a great time, please like us and invite your friends to like us on Facebook. Also, stay tuned for some more stunning shows by subscribing to our newsletter or via Twitter. We have a bunch of brilliant performances to come!

2. We also welcome feedback so if you have an idea how we can improve our service, don't hesitate to get in touch!

For more information and help, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact us via feedback form. We're happy to help you any way we can!

Happy Streaming!