Paying using PayPal

After you've chosen paying through PayPal at the website, you will be transferred to PayPal's service where the actual payment will be made. You can either pay with a credit card without registering, or you can login with your existing PayPal credentials or create a new account. All of this is done through a secure connection. No outsider will be able to see your information through that connection. After you've accepted the payment you'll be redirected back to the website where your payment is registered straight away.

Paying using credit cards

You can pay with credit cards either using PayPal or through Paymentwall service. Both offer a highly secure way of paying. Paymentwall also offers payments through online banks and e-wallets in selected countries.

Terms of payment and cancellation

The tickets, goods and other services are paid directly using an online bank or a credit card. Tickets to the gigs and vouchers are immediately usable after a successful payment. Other goods (eg. merchandise) are sent as soon as possible after a successful payment. An estimate of the delivery time is given in separate terms of delivery. Already paid-for tickets to gigs and vouchers are not refundable.

If problems arise

If a payment fails but you notice that your bank account or credit card has been charged nevertheless: Please, send us email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In any other problematic situations regarding payment, please use the same email address to contact us first.