Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can find my ticket? How can I watch the gig?

A: We don't send tickets separately: Before the gig starts just login with the same email address/Facebook account you used when buying the ticket. All the tickets successfully purchased should be available under your user account's "My tickets" -section in the upper right corner.

Q: What timezone does the showtime on the website refer to?

A:The times of the gigs on our website are shown according to the time zone settings of your own computer.

Q: How do I know if I can watch gigs on my computer?

A: To ensure the smoothest online concert experience possible, please take a look a these brief guidelines.

Before the concert starts, preferably already a day or two in advance, test your computer's compatibility with this demo stream. If the demo page does not work correctly:

  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies and try the demo again.
  2. Make sure your Flash player is up to date. Click here for the latest version.
  3. Make sure your browser is up to date. You can download the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera for free.
  4. There is a known issue with certain graphics cards where "hardware acceleration" enabled within flash will cause jittery or skipping playback. Nvidia graphics cards installed in Macbooks from 2009-2010 are particularly problematic. To remedy this, disable Flash player hardware acceleration: Right click on the video on the demo or gig page and select "Settings...", click the far left 'Display' tab and uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. Close the Flash player settings and refresh your page.
  5. 5. If all of this doesn't help, please visit Email the support details provided by the page to support (at) along with a brief description of your problem.

Check your connection speed

To check that your connection speed is good enough, please go to and run the test selecting a New York based server. To watch reliably in SD quality you should get a minimum test result of 2 Mbps for download. To watch reliably in HD (when such streams are available from the channel), you should have a minimum test result of 5 Mbps. Do notice that fluctuations in your Internet connection speed may vary greatly based on eg. the type of your Interconnection, your location, time of the day and other software and browser windows running simultaneously. Be especially aware of P2P and other applications that may be occasionally downloading data in the background - such as Spotify or Dropbox.

We strongly suggest that you do not use a WLAN connection but an Ethernet cable connection instead.

Q: How do I optimize my computer's performance for playback?

A: We suggest you keep running other applications and browser windows to a minimum when watching the gigs. A lot of concurrent Flash plugins on different pages (adds, videos...) tend to slow down the performance of each other.

A good idea is to restart the computer before starting to watch a live show so that there isn't a lot of other software using up CPU and memory resources.

Laptop users should connect their computer with a power adapter instead of using the laptop on battery for better performance.

Q: I thought of listening through my laptop's speakers. Or?

A: Go ahead! But the best sound you will get by connecting your computer to your stereos or home theater, or just put on a good pair of head phones. The sound quality of the gigs is amazing, you see!

Q: How about that screen?

A: If you've got a big flat-screen TV taking most of your living room space, now's a good time to learn to connect it to your computer and put it to a proper use!

Q: Does it cost to use the service?

A: It's completely free to register and use the site, but watching the gigs costs some. Sometimes there are free tickets on offer for shows, so come check the calendar every now and then or register and get the newsletter with information on upcoming shows. If you've already registered, you may choose that option on "My information" page.

Q: Is paying secure?

A: Absolutely. The transactions are completed through independent secure service providers, Checkout and PayPal. Your credit card or banking information is not stored on our servers and we never actually see that information. We accept most common credit and debit cards, PayPal payments as well as Finnish online bank payments.